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SPR in PDF format Westlaw ( is now the exclusive carrier of Siegel's Practice Review. The text of all issues, includng the current one, is accessible there. Those who prefer to read the Review in print can make a printout from Westlaw of any SPR issue, going back to the SPR's 1993 origin.



We regret to inform you of the passing of the estimed author of Siegel's Practice Review, David D. Siegel on October 9, 2014. You can read his brief bio in our The Author section. We have not made any decisions regarding the future of this site.

With the publication of Issue 267 of Siegel's Practice Review, we completed a full generation — 21 years precisely — of the SPR, which began in April of 1993. We deem it the appropriate time to take the next step, which we've been planning for a while.

No new issues of the Practice Review will be issued, but all 267 existing issues will remain on the Westlaw website (database SIEGELPR) for ready access to Westlaw subscribers. And our own website — the one you are on now — will continue to be active so as to provide the search engine that so facilitates access to the several thousand articles and notes done over the 21-year stretch and holding their niche on Westlaw.

Lawyers who have consulted the SPR have done so over the years not just to review recent cases and statutes, but also to consult procedural developments — cases, statutes, and rules — appearing during the more than two earlier decades covered in the SPR. Hence our decision to retain the SPR in its entirety on the websites, both our own and Westlaw, to continue to offer that research aid.

We thank all of our subscribers and viewers for their commitment to the SPR, and trust they will find in the preservation of the review on these active web sites a continued source of guidance in their practice.

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